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Peru: Security Forces Are Investigated Over Ayacucho Massacre

  • Police officers shoot citizens, Peru.

    Police officers shoot citizens, Peru. | Photo: Twitter/ @almayadeen_es

Published 14 February 2023

Independent investigations showed that 10 citizens who were not part of the protests died from shots made with rifles that only the Peruvian military use.

On Monday, the Peruvian justice started investigations against the military men and police who committed aggravated homicide and injuries when they repressed the protests in Ayacucho city on the Dec. 15, 2022.


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Police and Armed Forces members threw gas bombs at citizens to prevent them from entering the Inca Manco Capac airport. This decision caused ten people to die and 23 demonstrators to suffer from fractures, poisoning, and respiratory failure.

The IDL Reporters media reconstructed six out of those deaths by analyzing security cameras, media recordings, testimonies, and ballistic and medical reports.

The investigation revealed that these victims were not part of the protests and died hours after the demonstration ended by shots made with automatic Galil rifles, which only the military use in Peru.

Since Dec. 7 2022, Peruvian citizens have taken to the streets to demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, who assumed power after Congress removed left-wing politician Pedro Castillo from the presidency.

So far, over 60 protesters have died in clashes with the Peruvian security forces. Despite this, on Tuesday, Boluarte extended for 30 more days the "State of Emergency" implemented in Lima, Callao city, and some national roads.

“Under this measure, the rights to home inviolability, transit freedom, assembly, and personal security are limited or suspended to facilitate the control of the armed forces and the police over protests,” authorities warned.

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