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Published 13 August 2016

The land she acquired was once owned by the most powerful slave owner in Georgia.

Shirley Sherrod never wanted to live on a farm.

Snapchat Accused of Offering 'Racist' Lens

However, back in 1969, she acquired 6,000 acres of land. It was the largest land ownership by an African American in the United States. In fact, the land she attained was once owned by the country's most powerful slave owner.

But this did not come easily.

On this week's episode of "The Laura Flanders Show," the renowned civil rights organizer—Shirley Sherrod—talks about her tumultuous fight with racism, during a time when Black ownership of land was almost non-existent.

Sherrod also discusses her father, and his death at the hands of a white farmer over a cattle dispute. She admits to having wanted to kill the man who committed such a heinous crime.

Take a look at "The Laura Flanders Show - Shirley Sherrod." It's about a woman, who designed a Black community on a farm that was co-owned by its own residents.

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