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  • Ebola State of Emergency Lifted in Liberia

    | Photo: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lifted on Thursday the alert after saying, in a televised message, that the number of new infections are no longer increasing. (Reuters)

Published 13 November 2014

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the number of new infections was no longer increasing.

Liberia, one of the most affected countries by the Ebola outbreak, is no longer in a state of emergency.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf lifted it on Thursday after saying in a televised message that the number of new infections is no longer increasing.

Liberia, along with Guinea and Sierra Leone, are the three nations worst hit by the hemorrhagic fever that has killed 5,160 people since March.

Johnson warned that the government will keep implementing serious measures, although it will adjust them.

“Until we can start the progressive countdown of 21 days, until the national goal of zero new cases by Christmas is achieved, all across the country, we will maintain many of the current measures in place with appropriate adjustments, consistent with the progress in our fight,” said Johnson.

The lift of the state of emergency in Liberia means that night curfews will be reduced, and weekly markets can now take place all over the country, said Johnson.

The government also announced that it has started to take actions to open all schools again.

However, the president warned that this measure does not mean that the fight against this deadly virus has ended.

“Liberia cannot be declared Ebola free until our neighbors are also Ebola free. This means that we cannot let down our guard nor can we afford to reduce our vigilance,” said Johnson.

Before Johnson’s speech, the WHO announced that both Guinea and Liberia were showing signs that their number of new cases was no longer increasing.

The Ebola outbreak has prompted a major international emergency alert; however, the United Nations along with other health experts have criticized Western nations over their response and “low” interest in West Africa.

On the other hand, Cuba has been praised for its efforts to assist in Sierra Leone. Havana has sent dozens of medical personnel to West Africa to address the disease.

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