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Patricia Villegas Rejects Threats from SouthCom against teleSUR

  • teleSUR headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela.

    teleSUR headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 18 December 2023

Once again, Gen. Laura Richardson criticized independent media outlets that do not align with the U.S.

On Sunday, teleSUR President Patricia Villegas rejected the threats against her multimedia platform issued by Gen. Laura Richardson, the head of the United States Southern Command (SouthCom).


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In an interview published by a Paraguayan media outlet, Richardson shared her views on the role of disinformation campaigns in undermining democracy in Latin America.

However, instead of addressing what Washington has done about it over the past two centuries, the SouthCom commander criticized independent media outlets that do not align with the interests of the United States.

In October, Richardson also attacked Russia Today, Sputnik, and teleSUR, arguing that these media disseminate unverified information and "undermine democracies."

Such claims aim to persuade audiences to distance themselves from media outlets that do not conform to the imperialistic hegemonic vision spread by major corporate media.

"Mrs. Richardson continues to express opinions on matters that do not concern her... She does not intimidate us! She will not stop us," declared the teleSUR president in response to the defamation campaign emanating from the SouthCom.

"On two occasions this year, she has targeted various media outlets.The world's most powerful army giving its opinion on journalistic work," Villegas warned, noticing that this happens at a time when non-Washington-controlled media report on the true events happening in Gaza, where Israeli occupation forces have killed nearly 90 journalists.

"Just like 18 years ago, we are determined to build the largest communication platform in Latin America and the Caribbean," Villegas stressed.

"In this endeavor, Mrs. Richardson, we do not pause or waste time. Your words only convince us more that we are on the right path. We call on the peoples of the world to be vigilant against such threats," the teleSUR president added.

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