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Party of President Xiomara Castro Expels "Traitor" Lawmakers

  • President Xiomara Castro. Jan. 22, 2022.

    President Xiomara Castro. Jan. 22, 2022. | Photo: Tweeter/@MV_Eng

Published 22 January 2022

President-elect Xiomara Castro indicated that the expelled deputies had lost their status as active militants of the Libre party.

On Friday night, the elected president of Honduras, Xiomara Castro, announced the expulsion from the Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party of the 18 deputies who did not comply with the pre-agreement to define the leadership of the Honduran Congress.


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As leader of the Libre party, Castro read via a video the unanimous resolution taken in an extraordinary meeting of the political grouping, indicating that the dissident deputies defied the party's authority.

The list of expelled deputies read as follows: Jorge Cálix, Beatriz Valle, Denis Chirinos, Francis Cabrera, Mario Enrique Cálix, Mario Portillo, Samuel Madrid, Ronald Panchame, Ramón Soto, Marco Tinoco and Edgardo Castro.

Including, Frank Ramón Flores, Sergio Castellano, Germán Altamirano, Yahvé Sabillón, Marco Eliud Girón, Wilmer Cruz and Margarita Dabdoub Sikaffi.

People, come with me! Today I will be at the vigil on the ground floor of the National Congress at 6 PM. I order to stop the businesses of organized crime, corruption and drug trafficking that represent "Joh" now within Libre to prevent the transformation of Honduras. I'll wait for you!

The president-elect of Honduras called on the militancy of her party to mobilize towards the Honduran capital and gather in the vicinity of the National Congress.

The provisional board of directors of the Honduran Parliament was elected on Friday in the midst of controversy as the expelled deputies opposed the election of Luis Redondo as its president, supported by Xiomara Castro.

The legislative bench of the Libre party was made up of 50 deputies, out of the 128 that make up the Parliament, but after the expulsion, it will be represented by only 32.

"The vigil begins Saturday night and early Sunday morning, January 23, to prevent the kidnapping of the National Congress and to reject the bipartisanship led by the dictator Juan Orlando Hernandez (president of Honduras) with the direct complicity of a few traitorous deputies, elected by the people under our flag," she said.

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