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Paraguay's Campesinos Join Indigenous People in Demand for Right to Land

  • Indigenous people of the Takuara'i community are protesting in demand of their right to ancestral land in Paraguay.

    Indigenous people of the Takuara'i community are protesting in demand of their right to ancestral land in Paraguay. | Photo: EFE

Published 26 March 2019

Campesinos of Paraguay are joining the Indigenous people who are protesting for their right to the ancestral lands for the last six months.

Campesinos from 13 regions of Paraguay will arrive in Asuncion where they will join the Indigenous people of the Takuara'i community who have been camping in front of the National Congress at Plaza de Armas for last six months in demand of their ancestral lands.


Paraguayan Campesinos Demand Land Rights, Reforms, Equality

National Intersectional Coordinator (Coordinadora Nacional Intersectorial, CNI) leader Jorge Galeano said all the groups of campesinos are expected to arrive at 7 p.m. local time. They will start the protest at the plaza after everybody is gathered.

On Wednesday an early mobilization is planned. They are planning to march through the streets of downtown Asuncion. The planned route for the march will be announced later Tuesday. The route is being coordinated with the Municipal Traffic Police and National Police.

The Indigenous communities of Paraguay will also mobilize in various parts of the country and many more will continue to join them.

"They will come from Yasy Cañy (Canindeyu), from Amambay, Alto Parana, Caaguazu, San Pedro; from different communities and different ethnic groups: Pai Tavytera, Acha Guarani, Ava, and Mbya Guaran," said  Emigdio Lopez, ava guarani leader of the Tacuara'i community.

Their demands are access to lands, a subsidy to debts and a productive economic reactivation.

They are also protesting against the dismissal of Ana Maria Allen Davalos, president of the Instituto Paraguayo del Indigena and the eviction of families of Tacuara'i.

They are also “asking for the recovery of the ancestral lands of Tacuara'i and also those of several Indigenous communities, which are now many, that are in conflict," said López.

"Now we depend on the goodwill of the authorities, there is no disaggregated budget in the ministries for Native peoples and the national authorities are obliged to take the Indigenous into account," he added.

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