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Paraguayans Doctors Take To The Streets To Demand Wage Equity

  • Doctors demand wage increase, Paraguay, 2021.

    Doctors demand wage increase, Paraguay, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @Sinamed_MSPYBS

Published 28 September 2021

"Many of our colleagues are giving away their services while President Mario Abdo squanders public resources," doctor Rossana Gonzalez stated.

Paraguay’s National Union of Physicians (SINAMED) called for a 14-day strike starting on Monday to demand wage equity and implementation of on-call shifts not exceeding 12 hours per week. 


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"Many of our colleagues are giving away their services while President Mario Abdo squanders state resources. He shall respect our profession. Health is not an expense, but a social investment," the SINAMED Secretary Rossana Gonzalez stated and assured that emergency health services would continue to operate nationwide during the strike.

Currently, 3,084 doctors are taking part in mobilizations, which followed the Finance Ministry’s rejection of their request for a salary increase. "The workers of the Social Security Institute (IPS) and the public oil company Paraguay’s Oil (PETROPAR) receive a salary according to their university degree, graduate, and presentism. Doctors do not charge for any of these terms,” Gonzalez condemned.

In June 18, the Finance Ministry reduced the burden of on-call shifts of over 55-year-old medical professionals with over 20 years of service. However, the health care professionals and young specialists were not able to make use of this provision.

"With an equal hourly burden and no pay distinction, none of our colleagues will feel discriminated against or exhausted in their workplace," she stressed. To establish wage equity, the Abdo administration shall allocate US$30 million, which the draft budget for 2022 does not provide.

In March, thousands of Paraguayans took to the streets to protest against Abdo for his mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic and corruption scandals associated with the purchase of medical supplies and equipment.

"The pandemic has given way to a period of institutional corruption likely to be more widespread in the past 30 years. The Abdo administration organizes press conferences to cover up crimes. This situation is shameful," former Trade Minister Gustavo Leite stated.

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