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Paraguayan Teachers to Protest For Wage Increase on Tuesday

  • Teachers organize for protests, Asuncion, Paraguay, August, 2021.

    Teachers organize for protests, Asuncion, Paraguay, August, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @crismarpy

Published 9 August 2021

Teachers will also mobilize against a US$20,000 Education Ministry budget cut scheduled for 2022. 

Paraguay’s Educators Federation (FEP) President Silvio Piris announced that teachers would mobilize from Tuesday to pressure lawmakers to approve bill number 6672, which establishes a wage increase of over US$60 for teachers.


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If this bill is approved, the Education Ministry (MEC) will have to increase teachers' salaries progressively until they reach a minimum salary of US$432.

Teachers will also mobilize against a possible US$20,000 MEC budget cut, which will affect the provision of school supplies, feeding, and infrastructure in 2022. 

"This is very dangerous because it will become more difficult to return to the classrooms," said Piris who assured that his organization would block all streets in Asuncion if the Lower House does not reach agreements with them.

Asuncion's Security Chief Daniel Careaga stated that 1,500 police officers traveled to the capital to disrupt any situation that broke public order. "The Police have constitutional legal powers to intervene. one of them is force," he stressed.

On Monday, thousands of farmers and Indigenous peoples also arrived in Asuncion to begin mobilization for the non-compliance with the help of family farming’s productive reactivation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, Paraguayan haulers are also protesting to pressure the Lower House to approve the Freight Law, which will be discussed in an extraordinary session on Tuesday. "We will not give up our intention to have a law. We will continue fighting," Truckers Federation President Angel Zaracho said.


Silvio Piris
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