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  • Pablo Medina the ABC Color correspondant, murdered on Thursday. (Photo: Facebook)

    Pablo Medina the ABC Color correspondant, murdered on Thursday. (Photo: Facebook) | Photo: Facebook

Published 17 October 2014

Pablo Medina is the third Paraguayan journalist killed this year in an attack suspected to have been carried out by drug gangs.

A Paraguayan journalist was murdered in an ambush when traveling in his car on Thursday, making him the third journalist killed in Paraguay this year.

Two people intercepted Pablo Medina from the ABC Colour newspaper's car as he was driving to Curuguaty.

He was killed instantly, and his companion Antonia Almada was wounded, but died before reaching the hospital.

Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes has condemned as an attack on free speech the killing of journalist Pablo Medina.

"Our government regrets and condemns this murder that not only threatens the peace of our country, but is also a direct violation of human rights and an attack on freedom of expression in our country," he said in a statement released Thursday.

The Paraguayan government also confirmed that the journalist had regularly received threats for his reporting on marijuana trafficking.

The president added that he would use "all the weight of the law and forces of the state."

Medina's murder comes after Edgar Pantaleon Fernandez Fleitas, who denounced judicial corruption on his radio programme, was gunned down in June inside his home in the city of Concepcion.

And another reporter, Fausto Gabriel Alcaraz was also killed in June after covering the Paraguayan drug trade.

Medina's brother, radio journalist Salvador Medina, was murdered in 2001.



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