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Palestinian Protesters Brutally Attacked by Israeli Forces

  • 300 palestinians arrested and 56 injured by Israeli forces in the Al Ahmari refugee camp.

    300 palestinians arrested and 56 injured by Israeli forces in the Al Ahmari refugee camp. | Photo: Twitter: @qudsn

Published 14 December 2018

56 Palestinians injured in bloodshed by Israeli armed forces in the Al Ahmari refugee camp. 

In the Al Ahmari refugee camp, 300 people were arrested and over 56 people were injured during a non-violent protest against the demolition of the Abu Hameed family inside the Al Ahmari refugee camp. The 300 were arrested and were held in the Al Ahmari Refugee Camp's school playground by Israeli soldiers, for protesting against the demolition of a family house.

After Israeli Soldiers Killed, Netanyahu Punishes Palestinians by Approving 2,000 Illegal Settler Homes

The people being held at the school were arrested trying to stop a home demolition of the Abu Humaid family home. Over 100 Israeli Special unit soldiers surrounded the house and tried to evacuated it. They beat, threw sound bombs, and pepper spray at non-violent protesters who were singing songs, on Saturday morning.

The clashes broke out between the occupation forces and the protesters in the vicinity of the house as well as inside the camp. At least six young people were wounded by live bullets. Dozens of infantry soldiers were deployed in the neighborhood, accompanied by military vehicles and a reconnaissance aircraft. Meanwhile, Israeli bulldozers removed stones from the houses.

The Israeli forces threw gas and sound bombs and injured at least three journalists. Ambulance crews had to reach a woman as she gave birth during the detention of hundreds of residents in the camp, according to Qods News Network.

According to local media, this is the third time that Israeli forces try to demolish the Abu Hameed family house, after their son Islam was accused of killing an Israeli soldier during violent clashes. Umm Nasser Abu Hameed has four sons detained by Israeli authorities. "This is our land, and we will not give up our homes, for the redemption of Palestine and its people," she said.

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