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Palestine: Three Killed And 40 Wounded by Israeli Repression

  • Three Palestines killed and 40 injured by Israeli live fire, during the 39th Friday of the March of Return.

    Three Palestines killed and 40 injured by Israeli live fire, during the 39th Friday of the March of Return. | Photo: EFE

Published 21 December 2018

Three Palestinians have been killed and at least 40 others have been wounded by Israeli forces.

At least 40 Palestinians, medics and journalists among them, were wounded and three others were killed on Friday by Israeli forces, during the protests in the Gaza Strip, near the Israeli fence. Among the three people murdered was a teenager, who got killed by a firearm shot to the neck, according to Palestinian authorities.

Israeli Forces Detain Palestine Reporters Filming Land Razing

The young man was 16-year old Mohammed al-Jahjouh, who was part of the March of the Return that has been ongoing since March 30 against the Israeli occupation. The martyr was surprised by a projectile that hit his neck. 28-year old Abdulaziz Abu Shree'a died of his wounds after he was shot in the stomach. 40-year old Maher Yassin was a person with special needs and died from Israeli live Fire wounds.

According to the Palestine minister of health, about 40 Palestinian protesters were injured, but he added that that number could rise. In addition, he said that among the injured were two journalists and four paramedics.

This Friday's rally gathered at least 8,000 protesters under the slogan of "honoring heroes of the resistance," and it is the 39th consecutive Friday that Palestinian's protested against Israeli occupation of their ancestral lands and to break the Israeli siege.

Violence against the Palestinian people remains active despite the fact that Israel agreed to a ceasefire with the Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine (Hamas) last November. Gaza has been under Israeli blockade since 2007, putting the region’s population of more than two million Palestinians into a humanitarian crisis due to the lack of access to medicine, food, clean water, free movement, as well as basic civil rights.

This is the 39th Friday of demonstrations since the Palestinian people began the protests against the occupation of Israel on their land, since that time it has been speculated that at least 230 people have been killed.

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