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Over 9,000 Homeless Peruvians Set up Camp on the Outskirts of Lima

  • The new landscape at Lima's Villa El Salvador

    The new landscape at Lima's Villa El Salvador | Photo: Twitter/ @gene038

Published 25 April 2021

Thousands of Peruvians have settled a temporary camp on the outskirts of Lima after losing their homes due to the economic crisis generated by COVID-19.

Government officials are unsuccesfully trying to persuade occupants to leave. They refuse, not having anywehere else to go, their leaders say.


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The temporary settlement is located a few meters from the Pacific coast in Villa el Salvador and already has over 9,000 dwellers.


"Here we have our little houses made of mats. We are not invaders, we are not traffickers, we are not delinquents, we are not gang members. We are mothers who need help," said recycler Claudia Pauccar.


The Police urged the inhabitants of the camp to leave the site, but for them, there is no other option since they cannot afford to pay for a house.

"Peru has never had a policy to guarantee affordable housing for the most vulnerable.Hhere the solution has always been to settle in no one's land," said University of Lima professor and researcher Javier Diaz-Albertini.


Peru has been going through a political crisis since the impeachment against former President Martin Vizcarra, diminishing the already insufficient resources to respond to the pandemic and its consequences on poverty rates.


Despite the start of the national vaccination campaign last February, the health crisis is worsening every day with over 3,000 cases per day. As of Sunday morning, Peru had reported over 1.7 million COVID-19 cases and 59,440 related deaths.

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