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Opposition Party to Sue Santiago Mayor Over Human Rights Crimes

  • Demonstrators react as they are sprayed with a water cannon during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile, December 21, 2019.

    Demonstrators react as they are sprayed with a water cannon during a protest against Chile's government in Santiago, Chile, December 21, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 December 2019

The Socialist Party demanded the resignation of  mayor Felipe Guevara and the chief of police, Mario Rozas, who are responsible for the brutal repression that occurred last Friday in Santiago.

Social organizations and parties of the Chilean opposition will lodge a complaint against the metropolitan mayor of Santiago, Felipe Guevara, for "crimes against the constitution, quasi-homicide and use of horses as an instrument of repression", and they will also require his immediate resignation.


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Among the demands, the groups and the political entities of the opposition demand the resignation of Guevara for authorizing the deployment of a thousand carabineros in Plaza Baquedano, which resulted in serious incidents, including the abuse of a young protester.

The leaders of Mesa Social Unit, Esteban Maturana and Esteban Silva, announced that they will file a complaint against the capital's mayor.

For its part, the Socialist Party published on Saturday afternoon a statement demanding the resignation of the mayor of the Metropolitan Region and the dismissal of the general director of Carabineros, Mario Rozas.

The Socialist Party (PS) said: "The act of extreme and unacceptable violence against the young Oscar Pérez Cortez gives an account of the absolute and total lack of control of the actions of the Special Forces of Police." 

"The (general director of Carabineros) general Mario Rozas has direct responsibility in these condemnable actions and, therefore, his permanence in the position becomes unsustainable, as we have been saying for weeks", the Socialist Party tweeted.

Also, the head of the Christian Democracy Bank, Deputy Gabriel Ascencio, asked to clarify the responsibility that the mayor has in the events that occurred last Friday.

Other minority opposition parties such as the Democratic Revolution or the Chilean Communist Party have also joined the criticism.

The Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago determined the precautionary measure of monthly signature to Mauricio Carrillo Castillo, the Carabineros corporal who was driving the police car throws gases that ran over this Friday to a protester in the Plaza Baquedano sector.

According to the police officer, he had no vision at the time of the incident and, therefore, did not see the victim or the other car against which the young man was rammed.

The affected, Óscar Pérez, 20, was left with four fractures in his pelvis and is out of vital risk.

The head of the Western Metropolitan Area of ​​Carabineros de Chile, Enrique Monrás, has ruled out this Saturday that in the run over the young man happened on Friday there was "fraud" and has pointed to a "reckless" action to explain the event.

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