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Ongoing Protests Demand Resignation of Peru’s President

  • Protesters continue to gather in Peru's capital city of Lima

    Protesters continue to gather in Peru's capital city of Lima | Photo: Radio Pachamama

Published 20 January 2023 (1 hours 25 minutes ago)

Delegations from different regions have gathered in Lima's Plaza Dos de Mayo to join the march.

The mobilizations continue this Friday in Peru to demand the resignation of the president-elect, Dina Boluarte, as part of the second day of the March of the Four Own, also demanding the closure of Congress, new general elections and a Constituent Assembly.

 Boluarte’s Repression Leaves 18 Peruvians Murdered So Far

In the capital, Lima, the delegations that arrived in the city from different regions of the country resumed the march to continue expressing their rejection of Boluarte's government.

According to teleSUR contributor Jaime Herrera, people from Puno, Cusco, Ayacucho, and Apurimac, among others, gathered in the Plaza Dos de Mayo in downtown Lima to march from there.

The day before, demonstrators had denounced the violent repression by the security forces of the march, which had moved peacefully through the streets of the capital and other towns. 

In the region of Puno, a significant mobilization took place in support of the demands for justice and reparation for the victims of the violent repression of the demonstrations by the security forces.

In the region of Tacna, sectors of the population joined the national strike with peaceful demonstrations, carrying placards with different messages, including "The bloodshed will never be forgotten."

There were also events in other towns in the region to pay tribute to those who died due to the police and military repression of the anti-government and anti-congress protests.

Protests against the Peruvian government had intensified since December 7 last year, when Congress dismissed Pedro Castillo and swore in Boluarte as the new president.

According to the Peruvian Ombudsman's office, the security forces' repression of the demonstrations has left at least 50 people dead and hundreds injured.


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