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Nicaragua Will Begin 2021 School Year on February 1st

  • A group of children at a public schoool, Managua, Nicaragua, 2020.

    A group of children at a public schoool, Managua, Nicaragua, 2020. | Photo: Faceboo/ MINED Nicaragua

Published 6 January 2021

Prefabricated classrooms were installed in areas affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota to ensure the start of classes.


Nicaragua's Vice President Rosario Murillo Tuesday informed that over one million school packages and 60,000 suitcases will be delivered to students and professors to support the resumption of educational activities next month.


Nicaraguan Government Delivers Food in Hurricane Affected Areas

The school packages will contain notebooks, pencils, erasers, cutters, among other materials, while playdough, crayons, and glue will be given to pre-school children to boost their learning capacity. 

Murillo also announced that school snacks are being distributed nationwide to secure the beginning of classes on February 1. Likewise, infrastructure projects are being completed, including the installations of prefabricated classrooms in the areas affected by hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Education Ministry reported that over 1.7 million students have been registered in schools and other construction projects are being carried out in Telica, Nagarote, Chinandega, El Almendro, and Bonanza.

A learning program involving artistic and sports activities and a basic introduction to the Chinese language is set to start broadcasting on Wednesday. Likewise, courses for people who dropped classes out will begin on January 22. 

Efforts were targeted the most at the rehabilitation of the Technical Centre in Bilwi which was one of the most affected areas by the hurricanes. Over 4,000 students attend this complex.

Over 400,000 people were affected and at least 21 citizens died as a result of flooding and landslides caused by hurricane Iota.

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