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Nicaragua Recalls Ambassadors from Four Latin American Nations

  • Nicaragua recalled on Monday its ambassadors to Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica for consultations, in rejection of

    Nicaragua recalled on Monday its ambassadors to Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica for consultations, in rejection of "interfering" statements after their governments criticized the arrests of opposition candidates. | Photo: Twitter/@RadioPuntoGT

Published 9 August 2021

Rosario Murillo, Vice President of Nicaragua, released at noon on August 9, an important press release in which Nicaragua once again established its position of dignity and national decorum, of sovereignty, of demand for respect for the right to sovereignty, which is peace.

teleSUR English reproduces in full the following press release released by the Nicaraguan government informing of its recent decision to recall its ambassadors currently serving in four Latin American nations.

"The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity informed the Nicaraguan People and the International Community that it has called for consultations with its Representatives, Ambassadors to the Governments of Argentina, Comrade Orlando Gómez; Colombia, Comrade Yara Pérez; Mexico, Comrade Juan Carlos Gutiérrez, and Costa Rica, Comrade Duilio Hernández, in reciprocity, in accordance with the Vienna Convention, in response to similar calls made by the aforementioned Governments to their Representations in Nicaragua.


Nicaragua Has Had Free Elections Since the Revolution Triumphed

The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity has observed and considered with seriousness and maturity, with great patience, from its Latin American and Caribbean Brotherhood, the constant and undeserved disrespectful, interfering, intrusive and interventionist remarks in its Internal Affairs, from the Highest Authorities of each of these countries, on issues that only concern the Nicaraguan People and Government. Furthermore, cynically and unscrupulously ignoring situations that they pretend to ignore and that are harmful to Human Rights in their own countries.

Nicaragua, which has suffered and successfully fought all forms of intervention in its Affairs and in its Territories, categorically rejects these unacceptable forms of caricatured imitation of those who, violating the Sacred Lands of Patria Grande, have assumed functions that nobody has granted them, in open violation of International Law, of Human Rights, and in the shameful following of Colonialist and Imperialist Powers, aggressors and destroyers of Nicaragua's Cultures and Ways of Life.

"Press Release from the Government of #Nicaragua on the call for Consultations of our Ambassadors to the Governments of #Argentina, #Colombia, #Mexico and #CostaRica."

The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of this Blessed and Forever Free Nicaragua, regret to take this measure that only demands respect for the Norms of Peaceful, Reverent and Harmonious Coexistence between Nations and Peoples that we owe to shared common History.

The Nicaraguan Government also reiterate that Nicaragua has never been, by Principles, Conscience, Vocation, Decision and its Conviction, a voice that alters the Right of each People to Self-Determination, Sovereignty and Independence, whose Bicentennial of those first struggles, Nicaragua celebrates in Central America, ratifying that it is and will continue to be Free.

Sovereignty is Peace, and it is the Right of the Peoples!

Managua, August 9, 2021
Government of Reconciliation and National Unity
Foreign Ministry of the Republic"

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