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Nicaragua Government Ready to Continue Peace Talks

  • President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega.

    President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega. | Photo: Reuters

Published 8 April 2019

The government of President Daniel Ortega announced Monday that it was ready to continue the ongoing peace talks with the opposition.

The government confirmed today its "will and commitment to continue working towards national understanding" was unchanged.

Association of Caribbean States Begins Summit in Nicaragua

The Government released a press statement which indicated that a significant step forward in the peace process was made. According to the text, the government and the opposition found an agreement to strengthen the rights and guarantees of the population, as well as a deal on the release of people detained since April 2018.

Nicaragua on Friday released 50 people jailed, bringing the number freed since late Feb. to about 200 people.

The International Red Cross which has been mandated in the country to accompany the peace process is going to discuss with the parties various issues such as justice, electoral bodies, electoral reforms, sanctions as well as mechanisms for the implementation of the agreement. 

Nicaragua is facing a political crisis since April 2018. President Ortega invited the opposition to participate in round table peace talks to resolve any political difference since then. This was conceived as a way to reach a mutual understanding.

The dialogue began by establishing a "road map", which required the release of violent protestors, who were detained during demonstrations against social security reform.

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