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New Seminar on Native, Afro Descendant and Latino Communities

  • Mural by Colombian-American artist Jessica Sabogal, in Oakland, California.

    Mural by Colombian-American artist Jessica Sabogal, in Oakland, California. | Photo: La Ventana

Published 9 September 2021

Casa de las Américas and the Research Center of International Policy (CIPI) will convene the III Seminar on Studies on Native American, Afro-descendant and Latino Communities in the United States to be held, through digital platforms, from November 17th – 19th, 2021.

Forty years after the first meeting of this type, held in November 1981 under the title “Seminar on the Situation of the Black, Chicano, Indian and Puerto Rican Communities in the United States,” we propose to analyze the challenges that these communities are currently facing in the northern country.

The participants will be able to approach from different disciplines and aspects related to the current economic, political, social and cultural reality of these communities; their communication and dialogue strategies; educational and training processes from a decolonizing perspective; and resilience against Covid-19.

Interested parties may present papers or communications by sending until October 17th, 2021, a proposal form with its title, the name and surname of the author(s) and, if applicable, their organization or institution, a summary of the content of the proposal that does not exceed 250 words, and a biographical note of a similar length.

Since it is not possible to meet this year in Havana, the accepted papers or communications will be presented in videos of no more than 15 minutes and there will be daily meetings through a Jitsi platform to exchange and share ideas. The videos of the interventions and the exchange meetings will be published and archived as a collection on a website specially created for that purpose.

Applications for participation can be submitted to the following emails: coa@casa.cult.cu and casadelasamericascuba@gmail.com.


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