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New Argentine Government Detains Social Movement Leader

  • Mercosur Parliament member, social activist and Kirchnerist leader Milagro Sala, has been detained at home.

    Mercosur Parliament member, social activist and Kirchnerist leader Milagro Sala, has been detained at home. | Photo: AFP

Published 16 January 2016

The right-wing government of the province of Jujuy is accusing her of instigating public disturbances and other illegal acts.

Milagro Sala, an Indigenous leader and member of South America’s Parliament of the South, Parlasur, was detained at home by the right-wing government of Juyjuy province, which is accusing her of “incitement to commit crimes and public disturbance.”

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​“This is like a dictatorship,” Sala said.

“At this very moment, the police of Gerardo Morales (right-wing pro-Mauricio Macri governor of Jujuy) are arresting me.”

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Sala had been protesting for over a month against Morales, who she says was imposed as governor against the will of the people.

Sala, who is supported by a large group of locals, is also accusing Morales of governing for the higher-spheres of society in detriment of the people as he has ended many social programs.

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​In turn, the government is absurdly blaming her for the death of 42 police who were sent to Jujuy to offer security due to his protest. The officers died in a vehicle accident before arriving in the province.

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​Sala, a leader of the local chapter of Tupac Amaru and an ally of the Front for Victory movement of former President Cristina Fernandez, is “carrying out a historic protest against the ill-advised measures of Morales, who is from the Radical Civic Union and a governor for the Let's Change party that helped Macri become president,” La Nacion said.

“We are not surprised by her arrest. After 32 days of rallying, the criminalization of the protest would be what was to follow, right?,” said Sala's lawyer, Luis Paz.

The Argentine newspaper also announced the pro-Kirchnerist social movements are calling for a massive protest in Buenos Aires to express their rejection to Sala's detention.

The Front for Victory group in the Mercosur Parliament, Parlasur, said the president of the organism, Jorge Taiana, has “asked Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra to urgently explain all things surrounding the detention of the regional lawmaker.”

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