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National Guard Heads to Philadelphia as Protests Continue

  • Protests against police brutality, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., Oct. 27, 2020.

    Protests against police brutality, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S., Oct. 27, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @bbclametro

Published 28 October 2020

Hundreds of citizens took the streets after Philadelphia police shot and killed a Black man.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on Tuesday ordered the deployment of the state’s National Guard after a series of protests engulfed the city for the second night in a row.


Protests in Philadelphia After Police Murder A Young Black Man

The National Guard’s spokesperson Keith Hickoz announced the mobilizing of “several hundred members” to support the Philadelphia’s Office of Emergency Management and help local agencies “protect life, property and the right to peaceful protest”.

“We can assist operations in support of local civilian authorities with the goal of improving local capacity to instil order, provide public safety, and secure critical infrastructure”, said Hickoz.

This new wave of protests comes after the police shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr., a 27 year-old Black man. The video of the event shows the young man walking towards the two officers while his mother tries to deescalate the situation.

Sargent Eric Gripp confirmed that the officers were responding to a reported domestic disturbance. Once on the scene, they were met by Wallace who carried a knife in his hand. 

Hours after the killing of Wallace, hundreds of protesters took to the streets to oppose police brutality. At least 91 protesters were arrested.

For the past several months thousands of people across the United States have peacefully demonstrated against structural racism since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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