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National Guard Attack On Migrants Will Not Go Unpunished: AMLO

  • Caravan of migrants in Mexico, Oct. 2021

    Caravan of migrants in Mexico, Oct. 2021 | Photo: Twitter/ @tcsnoticias

Published 4 November 2021

The Mexican President recalled that there was no reason to shoot at migrants since they left the pick-up truck immediately and without attacking any guard. 

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) criticized the Mexican National Guard for having shot a pick-up truck which was carrying undocumented migrants and tried to avoid a checkpoint in the state of Chiapas on Tuesday.


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"The truck did not stop at the call of the authorities, but there was no reason to shoot it because the migrants left the vehicle immediately and without attacking anyone," AMLO stressed, recalling that the attack left one dead and four migrants injured.

The National Guard alleged that its officers fired on the vehicle because they thought the driver “tried to ram” them. AMLO argued that the actions of a single unarmed person, who was near a checkpoint full of surveillance, did not justify that fear in any way.

"There are nonviolent ways of detaining people who violate laws," he insisted and assured that the Mexican justice will thoroughly investigate the events and determine fair penalties for the perpetrators.

Currently, thousands of undocumented migrants cross Mexican territory hoping to reach the United States. Given that the asylum process at the U.S. border is inefficient and incapable of handling current cases, many people have been waiting in harsh conditions on the border's Mexican side. For fear of not being able to regularize their situation in the U.S., many of these migrants have decided to process their asylum applications in Mexico. So far this year, this country has processed 108,195 requests.

"Our administration is striving to give fair treatment to all the migrants we receive. However, this task will not be easy since the number of migrants arriving in our territory is likely to increase in the coming months," AMLO insisted.

"The migratory crises always stem from social problems such as poverty and impunity for organized crimes’ perpetrators. Rather than impeding undocumented immigrants from crossing its borders, the U.S. government should work to address these issues,” he concluded.

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