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NATO "Ready to Cooperate With Russia Through Existing Channels"

  • NATO chief says Russia talks '

    NATO chief says Russia talks '"not a sign of weakness." | Photo: Twitter/@anadoluagency

Published 11 June 2021

NATO member states leaders are expected to gather in Brussels on Monday to approve a new strategy of the Atlantic alliance and discuss Russia, China, as well as alleged "threats" to the bloc in the coming decade.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday, just days ahead of a major summit, that NATO is ready to cooperate with Russia through existing communication channels.


Russia Halts NATO's Attempt to Strengthen Presence in Arctic

Stoltenberg told reporters that Moscow has so far not affirmatively responded to NATO's proposal of holding a Russia-NATO Council meeting.

On Monday, the bloc's head similarly said that NATO was interested in speaking with Russia and awaited a response from Russia regarding a potential meeting.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko has stated that Russia would not avoid dialogue with the alliance and, on the contrary, that NATO was the one that did not wish to accept Moscow’s offer to de-escalate and resume of military contacts.

Stoltenberg's recent comments come ahead of the upcoming NATO summit that will take place in Brussels on Monday June 14, during which participants are expected to discuss Russia, China, and other challenges the bloc faces over the coming decade to.

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