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NASA: Pineapple Plant Can Stop Snoring

  • Ornamental pineapple plant

    Ornamental pineapple plant

Published 29 November 2017

The plant - unlike others - produces a large amount of oxygen at night.

Ornamental pineapple plants can soothe snoring by alleviating problems within the nasal passage.

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According to National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, the plant - unlike others - produces a large amount of oxygen at night. Snorers often suffer from hindered nasal or throat passage, which can be assuaged by extra oxygen.

Oxygen widens the airways. The volume in the production of by the plant will help to purify the air and, in turn, improve the quality of rest. 

The research revealed that sleeping with the “anti-snore” plant in your bedroom can significantly reduce snoring or stop it altogether.

UK-based Asda has taken advantage of the scientists' advice by stocking their stores, during the holiday season, with miniature pineapple plants.

One enthusiastic shopper, Phil Smith, said: “Snorts, snuffles and splutters affect a quarter of Brits, so for those 16 million snorers, Asda’s Pineapple Plant could be a dream come true – even more-so for sleep-deprived partners.

“For those lucky enough to sleep through the night without the disturbance of snoring, the plant is a chic addition to the home which is easy to care for and adds a little touch of The Tropics to any room.”

The plants are grown in Holland, and take a painstakingly lengthy two-year period to grow.

An estimated 45 percent of the United Kingdom's population (and 25% of the world's) population are chronic snorers.

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