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News > Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

“Moving Masses of Destruction” to be Expected from La Soufriere, Scientist Says

  • La Soufriere's ash column is heading westwards. More destruction expected

    La Soufriere's ash column is heading westwards. More destruction expected | Photo: NASA

Published 11 April 2021

“The volcano itself, the mountain Soufriere, and the communities there, not only have just survived the heavy ash, but now have the potential of being destroyed by the flows that go on the mountain side. These things are not like the ashes that damage things by the waves, these flows are really moving masses of destruction. They destroy everything in their path” said Richard Robertson, a geologist from the University of West Indies.

“It means that the probable amount of destruction that you are probably going to have is going to be significant, not because of of the ash, but because of the flows that go on the mountain side”, he said on an NBC-Radio show in St Vincent.


Volcano Still a Significant Threat in St Vincent, PM Warns

Several explosive eruptions have occurred within the last hours in St Vincent. Satellite imagery shows the volcanic ash plume spreading well to the east and northeast of St. Vincent to as far as Barbados. Violent volcanic eruptions may occur suddenly without warning.

The reason for this is “the type of eruption that’s evolving, very similar to 1979 and 1902, two eruptions with ash columns. What’s different is the jetting and high of the ash columns”, said Erouscilla Joseph, Director of the Seismic Centre at UWI.

In Grenada the Meteorological Office has been receiving reports of deposits of ash-like particles on vehicles, vegetation, and buildings throughout the island.

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