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Mothers Of Plaza De Mayo To UN: Don't Believe Macri, He's Lying

  • The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo President, Hebe de Bonafini

    The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo President, Hebe de Bonafini | Photo: EFE

Published 24 September 2018

Mothers President Hebe de Bonafini tells the 73rd UN General Assembly not to believe anything Argentine President Macri tells them on Tuesday.  

The president of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, Hebe de Bonafini, warns the 73rd United National General Assembly to not believe a word that Argentine President Mauricio Macri tells them because he "always lies."

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In a poetic and succinct letter posted to the organization’s website on Monday, Bonafini tells the 193 U.N. assembly members over and over "not to believe" the head of state no matter what he says. Bonafini writes:

"I’m speaking to you all so that you know the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri.
If he says there is work, do not believe him.
If says children (are able to) eat, do not believe them.
If he says there’s health insurance, do not believe him.
If he says that retirees live in dignity, do not believe him.

If he says that education is guaranteed, do not believe him.
If he says that poverty does not exist, do not believe him.
If he says that industry is operating, do not believe him.
If he says (there is no) plunder (of) natural resources, do not believe him.
If he says that the justice (department) is independent, do not believe him.

If he says they do not torture, do not believe him.
If he says they do not murder, do not believe him.
If he says it's the fault of another government, do not believe it.
If he says that there is a democracy, do not believe him.

He always lies,” reads the online letter.

Bonafini and the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association have been fighting for forty years for the safe return of the tens of thousands of disappeared Argentines that were kidnapped, tortured and/or murdered during the country's U.S.-backed ‘Dirty War’ enforced by the military dictatorship (1976-1983).

Since Macri was inaugurated in December 2015 his administration has implemented severe economic austerity measures including slashing over 35,100 public sector jobs, freezing wages, cutting energy and transportation subsidies, and more recently, eliminating several ministries. The measures, meant to cut the economy’s deficit, have resulted in an increase in poverty among all ages. A U.N. special mission in Argentina recently revealed that people of all classes and ages are going hungry.

The president, who will address the U.N. assembly on Tuesday has repeatedly told the Argentine media and international media regarding the country’s economic crisis that “the worst is over.” Economists, however, predict a recession that will see inflation hit 40 percent by year’s end.

In addition, Macri has been cracking down on the women-run association.

After the association denounced a Macri mandate in December 2017 that grants special state benefits to more than 1,000 military officers prosecuted for crimes against humanity the Mothers found themselves under investigation for allegedly embezzling US$12.8 million from a social housing program initiated and run by the organization.

Bonafini said then that the government was trying to "destroy the association." According to the leader, the lawsuit “has to do with (Macri's) relation with the military. They want us to accept everything they submit, like (during) the reconciliation.”

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