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Morales Slams Supporters of Venezuela's Opposition Plebiscite

  • Bolivia's President Evo Morales

    Bolivia's President Evo Morales | Photo: Reuters

Published 15 July 2017

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister has thanked Bolivia for the support expressed by “the great leader of South American peoples.”

Bolivia's President Evo Morales says those who want to give legitimacy to Sunday's unconstitutional plebiscite called by the Venezuelan opposition have a "coup attitiude".

Morales made the comment on Twitter, adding that Venezuela's government has been democratically elected and attempts to label it a dictatorship are cynical.

The opposition has been trying to gather more support for its non-binding vote on the administration of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.

Several former regional leaders have arrived in Caracas ahead of Sunday's unrecognized ballot.

The ex-Presidents of Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and Costa Rica have been invited by the opposition-led National Assembly.

The former presidents of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla (front R) and Miguel Angel Rodriguez (L), Bolivia's former president Jorge Quiroga (2nd L) and Mexico's former president Vicente Fox arrive at Caracas airport ahead of an unofficial referendum called by the opposition in Venezuela July 15, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

Venezuela's National Electoral Council, CNE, regards the plebiscite as illegitimate.

It's overseeing a dry run, also on Sunday, ahead of the election for the National Constituent Assembly.

Earlier in the week, Morales reiterated his criticism of the Organization of the American States and its Secretary General Luis Almagro for interfering in Venezuela's domestic affairs.

The Bolivian President said Almagro's decision to back the plebiscite shows that individual nations' human rights records are judged differently depending in their governments. 


Venezuela's Foreign Minister Samuel Moncada responded on Twitter to say that his government was grateful for the support expressed by “the great leader of South American peoples.”

Moncada added, “Bolivia's courage and solidarity will always remain in the memory of the Venezuelan people.”

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