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Monomeros: More Than 30,000 Tons of Fertilizers After Recovery

  • Monomeros

    Monomeros | Photo: UN

Published 3 November 2022

The Venezuelan petrochemical company Monómeros, based in the Colombian city of Barranquilla (north), distributed more than 30,000 tons of fertilizers one month after the government of Nicolás Maduro regained control of it, the Venezuelan oil minister, Tareck El Aissami, said on Friday.

On September 19, Gustavo Petro's administration returned control of Monómeros to Nicolás Maduro's government after signing an agreement between both countries.

In 2019, amid a political crisis, the Government of Iván Duque (2018-2022) handed over control of Monómeros to the opposition's Juan Guaidó, who had been in control for three years.

 Venezuela Sends 4,000 TN of Ammonia to Colombia for Fertilizers

After retaking guardianship, Maduro's administration denounced that it received this company with a devastated infrastructure.

In that sense, El Aissami pointed out that in the investigation carried out by the Venezuelan State, they achieved the detection of corruption plots led by the opponents Juan Guaidó and Leopoldo López.

"Now is that they are appearing all the elements that makeup one of the plots of greater rottenness, corruption, embezzlement, a criminal network led by this bandit fugitive from Venezuelan justice Leopoldo López and another bandit as is the case of Guaidó," he commented.

The minister detailed that Monómeros occupied 70 percent of the fertilizer market in Colombia before being taken over by the opposition.

"Today, we are already on track to return Monómeros to one of the fundamental companies for the development of Colombia and also to complement that development with Venezuelan agriculture," he stressed.

The Venezuelan justice issued an international arrest warrant for 23 people linked to the theft of the petrochemical company, including Guillermo Rodríguez Laprea, who served as general manager of the company.

According to Maduro's government, by 2018, Monómeros, a subsidiary of state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), was producing 860,000 tons of fertilizers but assured that in 2019, after the opposition takeover, it only had 22 percent of its operating capacity.

Caracas and Bogota resumed diplomatic relations on August 7, after the election of Gustavo Petro, and as a first step, appointed their ambassadors in these countries.

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