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Minister Rodríguez Reports Attacks Against Venezuela at the OAS

  •  The Minister of Communication, Tourism and Culture recalled that U.S. actions contravene the OAS charter.

    The Minister of Communication, Tourism and Culture recalled that U.S. actions contravene the OAS charter. | Photo: AVN

Published 6 June 2018

Jorge Rodríguez explained that of the more than 30 U.S. led aggressions against Venezuela in the Organization of American States, this is "the most infamous".

The Vice President of Communication, Tourism and Culture of Venezuela, Jorge Rodriguez, criticized Wednesday the maneuvers carried out by the United States Government during the last assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), recalling that 32 times the North American nation has tried to attack the country.

"This occasion became the 32nd occasion, between 2014 and 2018, in which the Ministry of Colonies called meetings and get-togethers all the while seeking approval of resolutions to attack the Venezuelan homeland," the Venezuelan minister said at a press conference.


 Venezuela's Arreaza: US Imperialism Has Failed at OAS

Rodriguez asserted that the U.S. has carried out a lobby "based on fake news" to discredit the South American country and exert pressure on other countries that make up the block of the "Ministry of Colonies".

The politician recalled that U.S. actions contravene "the OAS Charter, which establishes in its Article 12, respect for the sovereignty of nations, respect for independence and the right we have to decide how, by whom and in what conditions we want to be governed."

During the early part of Wednesday, U.S. vice-president, Mike Pence, tried to suspend Venezuela from the OAS through a vote, a measure he announced last week and for which he worked hard during this week, in talks with member states.

To achieve its objective, it had to obtain the support of two-thirds of the 35 countries of the organization, that is, 24 votes. However, it was only supported by 19 nations, 11 abstentions and four votes against.

Rodriguez cataloged the US Government's strategy as "the most infamous" of all attempted attacks.

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