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  •  Popocatepetl's March 18 explosion. March 18 2019

    Popocatepetl's March 18 explosion. March 18 2019 | Photo: Cenapred

Published 19 March 2019

Mexico's active volcano has become more explosive over the past month. This time 'Popo' sent ash 1.2 km into the air and covered its slopes with molten lava.

Mexico’s famous Popocatepetl volcano exploded Monday night sending a plume of ash 1.2km into the sky that has covered some houses in the area with the carbon.

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The Civil Protection of Mexico (CPM) reported by Twitter that at around 9:40 pm Monday night the volcano, that lies between the states of Mexico, Puebla, and Morelos exploded, covering 2.5 km of its slopes with molten lava. The state agency warns residents in the area to avoid the 12 km radius around the active site that is now at ‘phase yellow’ meaning people should watch for pyroclastic flows and wear protective masks because of ash in the air.

The geological event was recording by National Center for Disaster Prevention of Mexico (Cenapred) cameras located in the state of Puebla. Images show Popocatepetl’s abrupt detonation and subsequent red lava flow against the night time darkness.   

Popocatepetl is a volcano that has been active for 25 years, Ramon Espinasa Pereña, deputy director of Cenapred Volcanic Risks told CNN previously. ‘Popo’, as its locally known, exploded earlier this week, but had remained calm over the past several days until the Monday eruption.​​​​​​​

Don't risk it! stay 12km outside the radius of Popocatepetl

Cenapred reports that there have been “43 ... explosions of water vapor, gas and … slight amounts of ash,” along with low scale tremors in the area. The active volcano is located about 70 km south of Mexico City.

No heavy damages have been reported.

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