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Mexico in Alert After Popocatepetl Volcano Exhales Ash Clouds

  • Popocatepetl is a Nahuatl word roughly translated as

    Popocatepetl is a Nahuatl word roughly translated as "smoky mountain". Puebla, Mexico. October 4, 2018. | Photo: CONAPRED

Published 4 October 2018

The volcano's last violent explosion was in the year 2000.

Strong explosions of volcanic ash coming from the Popocatepetl, central Mexico, are keeping authorities alert on Thursday.


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The Civil Protection Ministry (SPC) registered at least five explosions during Thursday morning, raising a five-kilometer ash column in the sky visible from different states.

Luis Felipe Puente, the SPC National Coordinator, reported the volcano activity in a Twitter video.

“Video of the Popocatepetl activity registered this morning at 7:37 a.m., seen from Altzomoni.”

Puente also declared that the San Pedro Nexapa, Amecameca, El Salto, San Antonio Zoyatzingo and San diego Huehuecalco, in the State of Mexico, were prevented about incoming ash. At the time, the volcano was in a yellow alert, phase 2.

He called for the people to take preventive measures, such as closing doors and windows, covering their nose and mouths with wet cloths, and covering storage water systems.

The Popocatepetl, located in the state of Puebla, has been active for years and the people living in its surroundings are used to alerts and now what to do in these cases. Its last violent eruption was in December 2000.

Its activity has increased since the September 19 earthquake in 2017.

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