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Mexico To Support Pedro Castillo Against Right-Wing Campaigns

  • AMLO has sent a group of officials to Peru in support of Pedro Castillo.

    AMLO has sent a group of officials to Peru in support of Pedro Castillo. | Photo: Twitter/@Radio_Formula

Published 13 December 2021

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, asserted that there is a whole movement against Pedro Castillo, President of Peru, whom he recognized as a leader from the grassroots.

"The Government of Peru is going through a difficult situation," said the Mexican President when he revealed that the Secretary of Finance, Rogelio Ramírez de la Obrador, traveled to said country to support "in whatever way we can" the Latin American territory that is going through a political crisis due to the impeachment plan against Pedro Castillo.

According to López Obrador, right-wing opposition groups have orchestrated a whole movement in which "conservatism, supported even by Vargas Llosa, something irrational" prevails.


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Likewise, the Mexican President asserted that the media campaign against Castillo consists, among other things, of blaming Castillo for the inflation problem in Peru, which, AMLO explained, is due to global behavior derived from the pandemic.

Likewise, the President pointed out that they wanted to take his hat off when Castillo was president. "So that they can see how far behind we still are," said the Mexican.

"AMLO emphasized that he supports Pedro Castillo, President of Peru, a leader emanating from the people, whom conservatives want to remove from power. Racism is shown against him and many even wanted to remove his hat."

"We have to help our brother peoples, because this is to support a president who emerged from a popular movement, who is a leader who was proudly born in the highlands, comes from poor communities," said Lopez Obrador.

The Peruvian right wing's attempt to remove Castillo from office did not bear fruit. Castillo will continue in office, after the vacancy motion analyzed by the country's Congress did not reach the 52 votes needed to continue the process that would remove the Peruvian from the presidency.

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