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Mexico To Probe Officials for ‘Negligence’ in Ayotzinapa Case

  • Rally for the disappeared students.

    Rally for the disappeared students. | Photo: Flickr

Published 15 September 2019

President Lopez Obrador vowed to launch a real investigation and joined in the criticism of the botched Peña Nieto investigation. 

The public prosecutors office in Ayotzinapa has announced that they are launching an investigation into public officials who they believe to have been negligent in handling the Ayotzinapa investigation. The investigation into the case of the 43 disappeared students has been criticized from the beginning by the victims’ families. 


Mexican President Meets with Ayotzinapa Families

The Ayotzinapa Public Prosecutors Office announced that those involved in the case will be investigated for negligence and "failure to fulfill functions" as the official investigation comes under increasing pressure.

The case of the 43 students in Ayotzinapa shocked the country in 2014. The students were on their way to a protest, but en route fell victim to a mass kidnapping involving authorities in collusion with a cartel. 

The previous neoliberal government led by Enrique Peña Nieto claims to have established the “historical truth” after concluding an investigation that was labeled as a ‘cover-up’ by human rights groups and the victims’ families.  

Current President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) vowed to launch a real investigation and joined in the criticism of the botched Peña Nieto investigation. On Wednesday, he visited families of the disappeared students. 

“We have reached a point where those obstructing the investigation are not being criminally charged, the impunity pacts that today prevent us for discovering the whereabouts of the students, will be shattered,” he said.  

Very few charges have been brought against those believed to be responsible, indeed, large numbers of officers who were arrested have been released, including 23 officers who were set free on the weekend. Irregularities in how the investigation was handled have meant that those arrested have not been charged. 

Another high profile figure recently released was Gildardo López Astudillo, who many believe to have been the link between police and the local cartel who they colluded with to kidnap the students.

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