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    Members of the teacher's union CNTE block access to the petrol storage and distribution facility of Mexican state-owned oil company Pemex in Oaxaca, Mexico. | Photo: AFP

Published 30 June 2016

Teachers in the state of Oaxaca reactivated over 20 highway blockades and detained cargo and oil trucks at some points.

Striking Mexican CNTE teachers set up more blockades Thursday in spite of threats that police would forcibly take them down as protests multiplied across the country, including the wealthy northern state of Monterrey. Major mobilizations also took place in Mexico City in the over 40-day strike of the teachers against neoliberal education reform.

Mexico: State Terror, Education Reform and the Stock Exchange

Teachers in the state of Oaxaca reactivated over 20 highway blockades Thursday and detained cargo and oil trucks at some points while letting private cars pass.

Teachers affiliated to the SNTE union blocked access to the State Institute of Public Education, reported Radio Formula, with 250 of them striking in front of the facility since 8 a.m., local time, without blocking the federal road.

Oaxaca’s striking teachers also cordoned off entrances to both the state headquarters of the Ministry of Public Education and the Oaxaca State Institute for Public Education Wednesday.

While the Defense Ministry has organized the delivery of tons of consumer goods, the CNTE denied the existence of any scarcities, reported W Radio.

Education Minister Aurelio Nuño has still refused to meet with the teachers unless they accept the reforms. His former teacher sent a letter to him Tuesday, telling him to enter negotiations because, “reform must be academic and with the consensus of the teachers, since we are dealing with groups of students,” she wrote.

The teachers have met with Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, who said Wednesday on radio that, “We have a mandate to return to normality and we are opening up space. We have not cancelled dialogue, but I will say with total clarity: they must give them (the blockades) up, create conditions. If they don’t pick the path toward dialogue, then we will act, because things cannot continue this way.”

Osorio Chong is to meet with family members of the victims of violent police repression in Nochixtlan, Oaxaca Thursday, a day after meeting with Nuño to discuss violence against schoolchildren.

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