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Mexico: PAN Leaders Prepare Vox-Style Far-Right Political Project

  • Right-wing PAN legislator Elsa Mendez meeting with Vox leader Santiago Absacal in Mexico this September 2021.

    Right-wing PAN legislator Elsa Mendez meeting with Vox leader Santiago Absacal in Mexico this September 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@ricori2909

Published 13 October 2021

Former PAN congresswoman Elsa Méndez assured that a political project is already being consolidated to become the "true right," inspired by the Vox party of Spain, and to counteract the "cowardly right" which she accuses, the PAN has become.

The former legislator affirmed that after the visit of Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, to the Senate of the Republic, work began on a project that emulates the Spanish party or is equivalent to the Tea Party in the United States.

The political platform of this project, explains Méndez, would be against equal marriage, homoparental adoption, abortion and the recognition of trans identities, causes against which Vox also fights.


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"There are some projects that we even share, which were controversial and did not advance here precisely because they were associated with a far-right party. So, of course, there is a coincidence, and we believe that it is a model that could be perfectly possible to have in our country," said the former congresswoman.
"What Santiago Abascal came to do was to really unmask what the National Action Party is, which easily dissociates itself from this agenda and even apologizes: how many communiqués we saw through the leadership, from senators in particular and how they said we were wrong, that we did not know what we were signing," recalled Mendez in an interview with Sin Embargo.

"Former Querétaro deputy Elsa Méndez reveals that there are advances in the construction of a political force in Querétaro, Nuevo León, Chihuahua, Sonora and the Bajío region with a pro-life agenda modeled on the Spanish far-right Vox party."

On the other hand, Mario Fernández Márquez, secretary-general of Sublevados, a civil organization that defends "fundamental liberties and spreads conservative thought in society," which participated in the meeting with Vox, stated that they already have alliances with politicians, most of them from the PAN, since they are looking for the blue and white party to move away from the center and become right-wing, at least, until 2025 when new political parties can be registered.

"We are going to articulate all possible efforts so that now that we cannot create a new party, we can at least lead what could be a Tea Party, which was not a party but a movement with candidates committed to the conservative agenda," stated Fernandez.

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