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Mexico: Lower House Approves a Bill To Reform Judicial Branch

  • Protest against femicides, Chihuahua, Mexico, Nov. 2020. The sign reads,

    Protest against femicides, Chihuahua, Mexico, Nov. 2020. The sign reads, "A woman is murdered in Mexico every 2 1/2 hours." | Photo: Twitter/ @analuzsaso

Published 9 December 2020

A federal school will train officials so as to improve the quality and speed of judicial processes.

Mexico's Lower Chamber approved a Bill that seeks to reform the Judicial Power to consolidate the judicial career system, enhance equal opportunity conditions, and combat nepotism. 


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The bill was proposed by the Senate and includes the modification of seven articles of the Constitution. 

Among the proposals, it is stressed that the Judicial branch will have a federal school in charge of implementing the processes of formation, training, and updating of both jurisdictional and administrative personnel.

Lawmakers from the ruling National Renovation Movement (Morena), the Workers' Party (PT), and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) voted in favor of the bill, while National Action Party (PAN) and Citizens' Movement (MC) voted against it.

Supreme Court President Arturo Zaldivar presented the bill that was approved with 83 votes in favor, 13 against, and 3 abstentions in the Senate in November. 

Opposing the reform, PAN representative Pilar Ortega noted that the concentration of powers in the Judicial branch could alter the system of balances between the Executive and Legislative branches.

The new proposal comes after a law was validated to eliminate the presidential immunity so Mexican Presidents could be judged for electoral crimes, corruption, or treason. Lawmakers could be charged for any crime.

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