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Mexico City Records 251 Complaints of Electoral Crimes

  • Morena party's candidate Paula Soto closes her campaign in Mexico City, Mexico, Jun. 2, 2021.

    Morena party's candidate Paula Soto closes her campaign in Mexico City, Mexico, Jun. 2, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @PaulaSoto

Published 4 June 2021

On Sunday, 18,856 police officers will be deployed in this city to prevent fraud and violence.

In Mexico City, the Office of the Attorney General reported 251 complaints about electoral crimes connected to gender-based political violence, vote-buying, and misuse of public goods ahead of the June 6 elections.


Over 95 Million Mexicans To Cast Ballots in June 6 Election

"We will not be complacent, nor will we ignore the buying of votes or the coercion of citizens... We are prepared to put an end to impunity in electoral crimes committed in this city," General Prosecutor Ernestina Godoy said. 

Electoral authorities will install 7,465 polling stations and 24 district boards in Mexico City where 18,856 police officers will monitor Sunday's elections. 

Godoy explained that her office and the investigative police will deploy fiscal mobile units and police patrols to respond to electoral fraud denunciations and violence. 

The Office of the Attorney General conceived an election security plan focused on the prevention of electoral crimes, and the attention to citizens, political actors, and other authorities.

Godoy urged also the civil society group "Electoral Self-Defense Group Mastines" to not disturb the order, intimidate or obstruct the free exercise of suffrage. 

Her statements come after Mexico City's Electoral Institute sanction the leader of this group for prompting violence on citizens who might be confused or related to the commission of some alleged electoral crime.

According to the consulting firm Ettelekt, 88 politicians have been murdered since the start of the electoral process in Sep. 2020.

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