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Mexico City Affirms Right to Gender Identity

  • Revellers prepare for a gay pride parade in Mexico City June 25, 2011.

    Revellers prepare for a gay pride parade in Mexico City June 25, 2011. | Photo: Reuters

Published 15 October 2015

Under the new process, transgender people can apply for a birth certificate with a new gender identity.

​Transgender people in Mexico City can get an official document, which will allow them to have their constitutional rights with their new gender identity without passing through expert medical examinations, the city's legal services adviser Manuel Granados announced on Thursday.

"Today they just have to come to the Civil Registry and say, under oath, that it is their desire to be perceived by the gender of their choosing. Before they had to prove they were under hormone treatment, surgery and psychotherapy,” Granados said.

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Under the new administrative process, the Registry Office keeps the original birth certificates of those who apply to change gender and a new birth certificate is issued with the sex-gender reassignment.

The new document allows transgender citizens to have voter cards, passports, professional credentials and visas with their new identity, however they can only complete the processes in the country's capital.

Since 2008, the leftist government of Mexico City passed the bill on gender identity, allowing transgender people to change their name, gender and sex on official documents.

Despite the important advances recognizing and protecting the rights of transgenders in Mexico, there are persistent problems including employment, loss of family, financial insecurity, stigmatization and discrimination.

Activists say that despite the country's legislation on hate crimes, the majority of violent attacks on the LGBT community are perpetrated against transgender women.

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