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Mexican Bishop Admits Sexual Abuse is Rampant Amid Revelation

  • Pope Francis is surrounded by bishops during the weekly general audience at Paul VI hall at the Vatican February 6, 2019.

    Pope Francis is surrounded by bishops during the weekly general audience at Paul VI hall at the Vatican February 6, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 12 February 2019

A Mexican lawyer for the victims of pederasty doubts the Church's sincerity toward the abused, questioning a lack of retribution.

Mexico’s Catholic church has suspended at least 152 priests for pederasty across nine years which has prompted a lawyer for the victims to question the institution’s honesty.


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“Some delinquent priests are in prison, others have been suspended from their ministries. In the last nine years, 152 priests have retired,” said the Archbishop for Monterrey, Rogelio Cabrera.

When Cabrera was asked about the number of victims who have been victimized in the Church’s rampant abuse, he said he didn’t have an exact figure but that the number is close to at least 150—a figure which corresponds to the number of criminal priests.

The abuses of the Catholic church in Latin America have been exploding in recent years, with a multitude of cases emerging in countries like Chile and Brazil. But this is a a situation spanning the world at large, with well-documented cases in the United States, Australia, and Germany.

The disgrace and erosion of credibility of the Catholic church has prompted Pope Francis to call a council of bishops at the Vatican in February to try to tackle the situation.

In Mexico, Church authorities have at least recognized the necessity to have accurate information, “[The task] is precisely to gather statistics, because in Mexico there isn’t a center for the collections of information,” and that every Bishop handles the information on an individual basis.

The lawyer representing 19 of the victims of pederasty in the State of San Luis de Potosi only, questions the Bishops’ announcement which lacks concrete retribution for the minors and their families.

“It’s an irresponsible figure because victims are still waiting for retribution for their damages (...) In no instance has the Church approached the question of repairing victim’s damages,” said the lawyer, Martin Faz Mora.

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