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Mexican Band Cafe Tacvba Visits Central American Exodus Caravan

  • Ruben Albarran and Emmanuel del Real, part of the Mexican group Cafe Tacvba visited the Central American Exodus migrants caravan.

    Ruben Albarran and Emmanuel del Real, part of the Mexican group Cafe Tacvba visited the Central American Exodus migrants caravan. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 8 November 2018

Central American exodus, or migrant, caravan members received Mexican musicians of Cafe Tacvba who provided words of encouragement and decried xenophobia.

Two members of the renowned Mexican group Cafe Tacvba, Ruben Albarran and Emmanuel del Real, visited the Central American Exodus migrant caravan Wednesday. The artists visited the camp migrants put up at the Jesus Martinez "Palillo" stadium in Mexico City to walk around the tents, visit with them and, above all, to send a message to the Mexican people speaking against xenophobia and racism.

Migrant Exodus to Meet Mexico's President-Elect AMLO

The artists were there to convey a message of encouragement and solidarity with the migrants who left on Oct. 13 from Honduras and toured Central America, entering the country through the Mexico-Guatemala border, where they were recovering to continue their advanc to their destination: the U.S.

"We admire them for their courage, for their strength, for their energy, for the movement; because it is a natural movement, as human beings we were born walking and these human rivers are still happening," Ruben Albarran, lead singer of the group, stated.

He also defended the migrants that leave their countries due to the difficult living conditions, and high rates of insecurity. "Many of these people would not have to leave their land, and if they do it is because they do not find a harmonious life in their place of origin," Ruben said.

Representatives of the Central American Exodus, or migrant caravan, announced that they will meet with incoming President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) Thursday in Mexico City, where thousands of members of the first caravan continue to stream in after walking and hitching rides for thousands of kilometers for the past 25 days.

Ruben concluded by adding a message against xenophobia, against discrimination from Mexicans to the people in the Central American Exodus migrant caravan, "I call on our compatriots to open our hearts and give them the facilities for their journey. That no xenophobic attitudes arise, there is a lot of ignorance. It is important not to criminalize, not to discriminate, because we are all migrants."

In the Jesus Martinez stadium, a shelter has been installed for the Central American migrants, in which they are provided with clothing and footwear, as well as recreational activities and medical attention, all thanks to the solidarity of the Mexican people.

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