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  • Archive image of Mexican actors Castillo (L) and Luna at a movie premiere in 2014

    Archive image of Mexican actors Castillo (L) and Luna at a movie premiere in 2014 | Photo: Reuters

Published 29 June 2016

Kate del Castillo and Diego Luna led a social media campaign against violence in Mexico, after the increasing amount of deaths in the country.

Thirteen Mexican artists released a video to calling on Mexican authorities to use dialogue instead of violence to resolve social issues, after a police crackdown on a teacher strike led to 12 killed in the state of Oaxaca.

Mexico: State Terror, Education Reform and the Stock Exchange

The state response to the protests, in which dozens were also injured, has sparked massive demonstrations and a national debate about police violence.

"The response to social unrest can not be violence," said famed actor Diego Luna.

“Let’s be open to a dialogue,” said actress Kate del Castillo. “Stop killing Mexicans.”



Currently, Mexican teachers from the militant CNTE union are on strike against neoliberal education reforms promoted by teh government of Enrique Peña Nieto. Despite recent meeting between authorities and union representatives, the government has said the reforms will not be negotiated.

Massive Turnout in Mexico March to Protest Oaxaca Massacre

Other Mexican celebrities on the video pleaded “Dialogue is not a concession, it’s an obligation,” and “History is judging us, the world is watching.”

The artists urged the Peña Nieto government and civil society to work together towards peace and reconciliation.

The video has been shared on social media with the hashtags #Diálogoya (Dialogue now), #AltoALaRepresión (Stop repression), and #NoMásMéxicanosMuertos (No more dead Mexicans).

Thousands have taken to the streets to demonstrate against the violent confrontation between federal police forces and protesters in Oaxaca.

Nationwide protests have been ongoing since 2013, when President Peña Nieto introduced 11 structural neoliberal reforms to key sector in the first 6 months after the took office.

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