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#MeToo Movement Spreads to Mexico's Various Industries

  • Mexican women coming forward with their stories of harassment in a new #metoo wave. | Representational Image.

    Mexican women coming forward with their stories of harassment in a new #metoo wave. | Representational Image. | Photo: Twitter / @ AztecaAmerica

Published 26 March 2019

Mexican women from various fields like academia, journalism, film, and music are coming forward with their personal accounts of abuse in a wave of #MeToo movement. 

In Mexico, in a wave of #metoo, women are coming forward with their experiences of sexual harassment while exposing the perpetrators in several industries across the country.


#MeToo Graffiti Spray-painted on Famous WWII 'Kiss' Statue

The movement started Thursday when a political commentator, Ana Ge tweeted, "a powerful man within the literature circle" had assaulted more than 10 women but because  "he is a renowned writer, nobody believes these women.”

After that, #MetooEscritoresMexicanos or "Me Too Mexican Writers" began trending.

"What was private is now public because it affects us collectively because impunity has already claimed too many lives, because it forces us radically to make an ethical, political, legal and social rethinking inside and outside the private space."

Soon the movement reached journalists, academics, and cinema. #MeTooPeriodistasMexicanos (Me Too Mexican Journalists), #MeTooAcademicosMexicanos (Me Too Mexican Academics) and #MeTooCineMexicano (Me Too Mexican Cinema) were used by survivors to expose the harassments they face in all these domains.

On Saturday, the Twitter handle of Me Too Writers published the names of alleged abusers. They also started to publish personal accounts of women.

 "I study literature, and I have experienced violence against me and against my classmates. When I was in the second year of my major, I was raped by Christopher Yescas @ nietodearreola, it took me a long time to get out of the denial. The literature circle is small."

The Periodistas Unidas Mexicanas (PUM, journalist union in Mexico), said 73 percent of women journalists reported sexual harassment during work.

On Sunday, women from the music industry, theatre, and politics also came forward from their own Twitter handles and personal accounts.

"We just joined you, there is nothing to fear, we are all together."

According to the United Nations, seven women are killed in Mexico every day and six out of 10 women have suffered some violence in their lives.

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