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Mayor of Ixtlahuacan Shot Dead by Gunmen in the Mexican State of Colima

  • Crispin Gutierrez Moreno is the third mayor to have been killed in Mexico this month.

    Crispin Gutierrez Moreno is the third mayor to have been killed in Mexico this month. | Photo: Proceso

Published 20 October 2017

"There cannot be impunity!" the state's governor said on his Facebook page following the murder.

A Mexican Mayor, Crispin Gutierrez Moreno, has been killed as he was traveling to Colima's capital city.

Gutierrez Moreno was shot by gunmen in a car, who quickly drove away from the scene, according to a statement by the Attorney General's office.

Indigenous Leader and His Son Killed in Tumaco, Colombia

Some reports say two suspects have been arrested but there's been no official confirmation.

The gunmen left behind an AK-47 rifle and some ammunition.

54-year-old Gutierrez Moreno was the mayor of Ixtlahuacan in the state of Colima.

He is the third municipal leader to have been killed in Mexico this month.

The mayor of Huitzilan, Manuel Hernandez, was targeted on October 10 while the mayor of Parache, Stalin Sanchez, died on October 7.

“I have instructed the Prosecutor General to carry out exhaustive work to find those responsible and apply the law rigorously. There cannot be impunity!” Colima's State Governor Jose Ignacio Peralta Sanchez said on his Facebook account.

While the state government  has launched a special investigation and issued a statement which said, “State institutions in cooperation with federal agents have implemented a special search operation to locate those who shot the mayor while he traveled in his vehicle.”

In a separate incident, police in Michoacan said the mayor of Coalcoman, Jose Misael Gonzalez was injured in a shooting. He is been reported to be in stable condition.

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