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  • mariachis in Mexico City

    mariachis in Mexico City | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 August 2019 (16 hours 50 minutes ago)

Over 880 dancers broke the Guinness Record in Mexico for world's largest folk dance on Saturday.

Some 882 dancers broke the Guinness Record for the world's largest folk dance, which took place in Guadalajara, Mexico on Saturday as part of the Mariachi y Charrería International Reunion that runs until September 2.


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Dressed in colorful traditional costumes, dancers of all ages danced to the rhythm of the traditional Mexican song "El Jarabe Tapatío", an icon of this western city and region played by a group of mariachis.

Carlos Tapia, the Guinness judge of the event told EFE that 892 people initially participated, but ten were disqualified for breaking the rule of dancing for five minutes without interruption and not leaving the challenge.

The dancers well-surpassed their own mark they reached eight years ago when 457 men and women gathered who danced at the same time.

For Tapia, these types of feats are important "because it means that everyone will recognize the cultural richness of this beautiful country."

Thousands of people gathered in the historic center of the city to witness this cultural event particular to the mountain and valley region also famous for its tequila production. Onlookers  admired the solid, bright colors of the female dancers’ traditional ruffled dresses that flew into the air to the rhythm of Mariachi music.

The women with their dresses of wide skirts and braids and the men wearing the charro suit endured the intense heat of the afternoon, which did not diminish their desire to dance twice at the request of the public.

When the adjudicator broke the news of the new record, the dancers shouted and toasted while "Guadalajara, Guadalajara", one of the best known songs of Mexican folklore.

"It is possible! It is possible" the participants shouted, shaking their shawls and hats.

While Guinness delivered the good news, the Jalisco State Secretary of Culture Giovana Jaspersen, said that when you talk about Mexico you think about mariachi music, dance, tequila and the agave landscape, all examples of cultural heritage that Jalisco has given the world.

Guadalajara now holds eleven Guinness records, among them the one with the highest number of mariachis playing in unison, accomplished twice; the largest sequin mosaic and the 2015 achievement of having the highest concentration of cutters of agave, the plant from which tequila, among other drinks, is made.

The International Meeting of Mariachi and Charrería will gather dozens of mariachis from Europe and the United States to perform in dozens of public cultural activities this week in Guadalajara and other areas of Jalisco.

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