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Maduro Presents Details of Attacks Against Electrical System

  • President Nicolás Maduro reiterated that he remains in front to face the attacks against the Venezuelan people.

    President Nicolás Maduro reiterated that he remains in front to face the attacks against the Venezuelan people. | Photo: @PresidencialVen

Published 11 March 2019

The Venezuelan government indicated that the attacks against the electric system in the country were made through three phases.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, today described the electrical sabotage perpetrated last Thursday, March 7, of the most cruel blow in the history of the South American country.

From the Miraflores Palace (headquarters of the government), the Head of State explained all the steps for the reinstatement carried out by the officials and workers of the National Electric Corporation (Corpolec) before the cybernetic attack against the Venezuelan Electroenergetic System.

 Caracas Mayor: Electricity Being Gradually Restored

In this regard, the president explained that the first attack was made to the technology area of the Simón Bolívar hydroelectric plant (El Guri), which supplies electricity for 80 percent of the nation.

Maduro, emphasized that after 70 percent of the service in the capital was restored, the vandals paid by the opposition physically attacked the La Ciudadela substation, located in the Baruta municipality, Miranda state, to shut down Caracas again.

Faced with the insistent situation of destabilization, the dignitary ordered the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to monitor the territory to guarantee the safety of the citizens

He went on to explain that the three phases of attacks came about as follows:

1.) Cybernetic attack ...

�� An attack on the computerized system of the company CORPOELEC at the El Guri hydroelectric plant

�� A group of cyber warfare experts was used to recover the system.   

2.) Electromagnetic Way:

�� Mobile devices with high frequencies were used to knock down communications

3.) Physical Way:

�� The burning and direct bombings of substations and electrical stations

The president denounced that the sabotage is "a great violation of human rights in our country by the right wing, who celebrate national suffering."

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