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President Maduro Open To Dialogue With US if Based on 'Mutual Respect'

  • President Nicolás Maduro (center) participates in an event for International Women's Day in Caracas, Venezuela.

    President Nicolás Maduro (center) participates in an event for International Women's Day in Caracas, Venezuela. | Photo: EFE

Published 4 December 2020

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has reiterated the Venezuelan Government's willingness to establish routes of dialogue with the United States based on "mutual respect."

This Friday, days before a pivotal parliamentary election in Venezuela, President Maduro said in his Twiter account: "From Venezuela, we ratify our willingness to dialogue, with an open agenda with the current government in the U.S. For this, we need a fruitful, open, flexible, win-win relationship, with RESPECT, and that contributes to peace among our peoples".


Venezuela Loses 99 Percent of Its Income Due To US Sanctions

Likewise, during a meeting on Thursday with press professionals at Miraflores Palace (seat of the Executive) in Caracas, the capital, the Venezuelan President acknowledged several past approaches with the Administration of the already outgoing U.S. President, Donald Trump. However, a meeting between both dignitaries never materialized.

Venezuela broke off diplomatic relations with the United States in January 2019 in response to Washington's support of the self-proclamation of opposition lawmaker Juan Guaidó as "president in charge" of the South American nation, an act qualified by Caracas as an attempted coup d'état.

Also, the President emphasized the cruelty of the successive unilateral coercive measures implemented by the U.S. Government against the Bolivarian nation to generate a scenario of economic asphyxiation that would lead to social unrest and a change of government in the country.

Faced with economic aggressions, Maduro called upon the Venezuelan people to rise up in a great national consensus to demand the "cessation of punitive actions" from the United States.

During the meeting, the Head of State also advocated implementing actions from the new Parliament that will be elected next December 6, to contribute to national productive development through the approval of economic reconstruction laws.

On December 6, Venezuelans are called to the polls to elect the 277 deputies of the National Assembly, currently with an opposition majority and in contempt since 2016, which is why some of their functions are carried out by the National Constituent Assembly (ANC).

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