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Maduro Highlights Opposition's Commitment to Renounce Violence

  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro :

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro : "The U.S. war and interventionist policy in the world has failed." | Photo: Twitter/@luchaalmada

Published 16 August 2021

He reiterated that the Venezuelan Government would make the necessary efforts so that the opposition does not abandon the dialogue this time.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros said this Monday that the peace negotiations between the Government and the unitary platform of the opposition have been successful and led already to the signing of a memorandum of understanding, among other issues the representatives of the opposition commit to renounce violence.

In an international press conference, the head of state asserted that Venezuela is ready for dialogue with the United States and said its rulers have to give up their hatred and contempt towards the South American nation.


Venezuela Calls on the West to Respect Talks in Mexico

He stated that "the U.S. elites cannot stand us. Now I think they put up less with (Juan) Guaidó because he made a fool of them. We have defeated and crushed Guaido politically. And if we crush Guaidó, we defeat the US political strategy."

The Bolivarian leader stated that the Government made three proposals, the first of which was the recognition of the legitimate authorities of Venezuela, presided by Nicolás Maduro and granted plenipotentiary powers to the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, for negotiations.

He added that the Executive also demanded the cessation of violence. In this sense, he added that the signatories of the memorandum for the opposition are committed to cease violence. However, he warned that worrisome news are coming from Colombia, whose President Iván Duque intends to boycott the agreement.

Maduro explained that the lifting of the cruel coercive measures imposed on Venezuela was also demanded. He said that in this matter, the slogan is "Sanctions or nothing."

He added that a fourth demand was made, that all the oppositions sit down, but it was not subscribed by the opposition representatives. He also stated that the Bolivarian Government would do everything possible so that this time the opposition does not break the dialogue and agreements can be reached. 

He added that the National Assembly would debate the Memorandum of Understanding in a plenary session shortly and approve it to give it legal force.

During the press conference, Jorge Rodriguez stated that the signing of the MOU between the Government and the opposition in Mexico was the result of six months of conversations between both political sectors.

He commented that after signing the MOU, last Friday, August 13, 14 meetings were held where the seven points of the dialogue agenda were discussed.

"#Now President @NicolasMaduro : We are ready for dialogue with the US but they have to give up their hatred and contempt; with that, we can put on the table the return of the chargé d'affaires." 

He announced that the delegations of the Government and the opposition would meet again on September 3, and that technical meetings of the dialogue table will be held in Venezuela.

Maduro Moros expressed that the coercive measures of the U.S. Government have a significant impact on Venezuela's income, and thus on its possibilities of developing its productive life and acquiring inputs for the medical treatments it offers free of charge to its population in the midst of the COVID-19.

He said that, instead of complaining, the Government is working more, producing more and seeking new alliances with other nations for commercial exchange and allowing the vitality of the national industry, both public and private.

He assured that, regardless of how cruel, immoral and criminal the sanctions may be, nothing will stop Venezuela, which is determined to revive all sectors of the economy.

In this regard, he explained that in the first half of the year there was a growth in domestic consumption, industrial production, banking transactions and imports for domestic production.

He valued that all this could lead to a second semester with better results and an encouraging scenario for the Venezuelan economy, which is expected to grow this year.

He emphasized that his country will deepen the cooperation relations with China, and rejected the pretension, promoted by the White House, to link that country with the origin of the novel coronavirus.

He recalled that while the world was paralyzed, China sent planes with medical supplies and equipment to other nations to help them cope with the pandemic outbreak, noting that Beijing sent aid to 140 nations and its vaccines are now being used everywhere to curb the contagion.

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