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Maduro Condemns Israeli Aggression Against Palestine

  • "The world has to react and say no to the genocide against the people of Gaza, no to the genocide against the Palestinian people," President Nicolás Maduro said. Oct. 9, 2023. | Photo: X/@HoyPalestina

Published 9 October 2023

Ceasefire, peace negotiations and an agreement to restore the historical rights of Palestine, that is our position from Venezuela, said Nicolás Maduro. 

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro rejected on Monday the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

Demonstrations in the US in Solidarity With Palestine

In statements to the press, Maduro condemned the destruction by Israeli forces of "buildings where families and civilians live, which denotes a new escalation." He referred to the long-running conflict, pointing out that "we have already seen massacres against the Palestinian people in the past." 

This is a "historic conflict" Maduro said, denouncing "how their territory was plundered and how for 75 years the Palestinian people have been subjected to what today is considered a new apartheid. What is happening in the Gaza Strip has been described by the United Nations and human rights organizations as a new apartheid," Maduro said. 

The Palestinian people have been "indiscriminately bombed, killed daily, imprisoned, children, girls, women," the president pointed out and criticized the so-called international media that keep silent about the massacres committed against them.

The tweet reads, "ALBA-TCP deeply regrets the escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, which threatens international peace and violates the norms of International Law and the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations."

Denouncing the media manipulation about the conflict, the president encouraged young people to seek the truth. "Let us study the historical reasons of the Palestinian people (...) The permanent siege of Gaza, the permanent bombing of Gaza."

In addition, Maduro said that "the United Nations in 1967 issued a set of binding rulings to establish two States, the State of Palestine and the State of Israel (...) The United Nations also established East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine," he said. 

"Since then, that UN decision has been binding and has been continuously violated by all Israeli governments. What is happening right now, the beginning of a dangerous escalation of war for the peace and security of all the peoples of the planet, is the result of the permanent violation of the UN Agreement," Maduro said. 

Palestine Is a Historic Nation

Maduro called on the Christians of the world, the Muslims, the Jewish people of the world, to demand "compliance with the resolutions of the United Nations, the ceasefire."

"Let us demand respect for the rights of peoples. Let us demand the immediate start of peace negotiations to restore the rights of the peoples, the historic rights of the Palestinian people to independence, to territory and to peace," he said. 

Maduro further expressed Venezuela's support for the Palestinian president in his quest for peace through diplomatic and peaceful means.

"We support the historic position assumed unanimously by the Bolivarian alliance for the peoples of our America, the ceasefire, that the escalation of war be reduced, that the Palestinian people not be stigmatized and that the historic rights of the Palestinian people to land, to peace, to territory and to the State be respected and recovered," Maduro said. 

Venezuelan Government Supports Turkey’s Efforts

On the comments of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, proposing Türkiye as mediator in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Maduro said that "the leader who could intervene in this situation, achieve a ceasefire, an agreement with fair negotiations and a just peace, could be President Erdogan of Türkiye."

On Monday, Erdogan called on Israeli forces and Hamas to respect the morality of war and said the Turkish government was preparing to send humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip in the face of heavy Israeli shelling.

"From the people of Bolivar and Chavez, we must seek a just peace in which there are no losers, we must seek that peace through dialogue and respect for the dictates of the UN and the rights of the people of Palestine," Maduro said. 

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