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Maduro Asks Parliament to Open Investigation Into Assets Theft

  • President Nicolas Maduro

    President Nicolas Maduro | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 4 January 2022

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday asked the National Assembly (unicameral Parliament) to open an investigation into the previous management of that legislative body for the theft of the nation's resources abroad by the opposition led by former deputy Juan Guaidó.

"This National Assembly should open an investigation into the latest events of the defunct once illegal pro-imperialist National Assembly and how they distribute in the eyes of Venezuelans the loot that was left to them from the criminal appropriation of the country's wealth, of the accounts abroad, of the company Citgo and Monómeros, this National Assembly has to firmly stand up and ask the public powers for justice against this banditry of mafiosi and thieves," Maduro said in an address.

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The President asked the Parliament to activate the constitutional mechanisms and demand that the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) do justice for the plundering of Venezuelan companies abroad.

"Now they (the opposition) are like birds of prey sharing the spoils that the U.S. empire left them, truly a shameful role being played by those who were once political leaders of the Venezuelan opposition, to keep millions of dollars from Venezuela's bank accounts and the so-called humanitarian aid from the U.S. Government," he commented.

Maduro said that the National Assembly must "uncover the rotten pot of the "madrugonazo" that the opposition gave themselves on January 4".

The President referred to the session held by the deputies of the National Assembly, elected in 2015 led by Guaidó, which approved to give continuity to the so-called interim government.

In February 2021, the Parliament formed a commission to investigate the theft of Citgo, a subsidiary of the state-owned Petróleos de Venezuela in the United States; the dismantling of the petrochemical company Monómeros in Colombia; the appropriation of the State's gold reserves deposited in the Bank of England; as well as, the condoning of Paraguay's oil debt to Venezuela for US$ 269 million.

The Venezuelan government accused Guaidó of the dismantling and theft of the Colombian-Venezuelan petrochemical company Monómeros with the support of Iván Duque.

In addition, the authorities of this South American nation have said that the opposition leadership has stolen the revenues of these companies to finance their private expenses.

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