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Macri: There Is an "Angry Vote" That Was Expressed at the Polls

  • Mauricio Macri

    Mauricio Macri | Photo: Telam

Published 12 August 2019

After the wide triumph of Peronism in the PASO elections, the Argentine president blamed the rise of the dollar on the decision of the majority of the population that voted for the Frente de Todos.

After the strong electoral defeat of last Sunday in the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primary elections of Argentina , President Mauricio Macri gave a press conference where he recognized the "accumulated anger" in the electorate, although he argued that it is "the product of the inheritance "of the previous Government.

 Argentina's Peso Collapses as Markets Fear Progressive Victory

The adverse result for the ruling party was "due to the accumulated anger of the whole process of these three and a half years as a result of the inheritance," he said while assuring that in the general elections of October he will "reverse this bad choice" .

He also blamed the opposition for the exchange run on Monday, in a day in which the price of the dollar skyrocketed to 60 pesos. To the triumph of Peronism in PASO "the world sees it as the end of Argentina," he stirred.

If Kirchnerism wins in October "what can happen is tremendous", it is an "alternative that has no credibility" in the markets, the Argentine president continued to scare.

Finally, he rejected the possibility of changes in the cabinet and despite the expectation, he did not make any economic announcement before the devaluation of the currency. "I instructed the economic team to study and prepare measures," he said simply.

In the primary elections of last Sunday, the presidential formula of the Front of All with Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK), was imposed by fifteen percentage points before the official Macri coalition.

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