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  • Macri left off criticizing Venezuela after realizing his comments fell on deaf ears to the nation’s ally.

    Macri left off criticizing Venezuela after realizing his comments fell on deaf ears to the nation’s ally. | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 January 2018

Macri showered his Russian counterpart with praise for his generous support in light if the missing submarine.

Argentine President Mauricio Marci and Russian President Vladimir Putin resolve to ramp up trade negotiations and increase production, during a meeting held in Moscow Tuesday.


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"We have found that we have many things that can develop and evolve towards greater cooperation between both countries," said Macri after discovering his critical comments on Venezuela’s current situation would fall on deaf ears to the nation’s ally.

“The region is a place of peace," he added. "Except in Venezuela, which has a regime where constitutional guarantees and human rights are not respected." According to local media sources, when his comment received a cold stare, the president dropped the subject and shifted the conversation to focus on the rest of Latin American.

Amid the discussions held during the day, the Argentine head of state showered praise on his unimpressed Russian counterpart for his generous support in light of the country’s missing submarine.


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Putin countered by recalling a similar incident suffered by Russia which caused the death of over a hundred submarine crew members who were aboard the “Kursk”, adding that he understood the nation’s pain and describing his desire to help as “natural.”

"Today we are working on the values that are ours: the culture of work, personal effort, telling the truth, having reliable statistics, an economy that is getting better," said Macri, although later admitting his nation hadn’t seen the progress or stabilization that he had hoped for.

During his visit to Moscow, Macri also met with a group of around 20 Russian businessmen as part of a large-scale investigation into further investment opportunities, Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie reported.

Faurie stated that the nation is currently seeking methods to improve the exchange among its agrochemicals, ports, food and rail sectors. He continued on to say that a group of Argentine officials are busy negotiating deals with Russian companies and will return to advance these agreements in February.

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